selected opitcal recordings (excerpts)

Complete versions of these and many more may be found on HOME ON THE RANGE , the new 2-DVD set by Microcinema International. [see below]


selected auditory works

Audio Catastrophe #3 (1984) [:20] This piece comes to abrupt end when the wheel of a train crushes the microphone.
Piano For Falling Man (excerpt) (1986) [2:26] Jack plays the piano while suspended above it by his feet (see images and video of performance)
The Beatnik Song (1993) [5:29] Recorded in 1961 before a live audience at the Underground Coffee House, San Francisco. Gene Pool on guitar, Sasha Sumner on saxophone, Big Tim on drums.
The Punk Song (1993) [:45] Recorded live in 1978 at The Well, Detroit. Gene Pool on guitar, Big Tim on drums.
The Ugly Brown Song (1993) [2:57] Voted "The Worst Song of the Year" by Audio 'Zine. Gene Pool on guitar.
Jack Is A Jerk (1993) [2:53] Gene Pool on electric piano, synthesizer, background vocals.
Sooney Sawney (2001) [2:16] A foolish piece recorded in Scotland.
Nudnik (:18) [2006] This is an audio portrait of a "no-goodnik."
And (8:02) [2015] From "The Tunnel of Love"


Future Music
Greens Bayou Street

The Art Guys: Home On The Range
performance and video anthology produced by Microcinema International