"Greens Bayou Street"
an audio walking tour produced in conjunction with Hear Our Houston

"Greens Bayou Street" is an audio walking tour conducted by The Art Guys of a section of Greens Bayou Street in Houston, Texas.   The audio walking tour begins on Greens Bayou Street, just east of Normandy Street, and proceeds east along Greens Bayou Street and concludes approximately 600 feet east of Dwight Street near the 12900 block of Greens Bayou Street.

Recording length: 12:00
Date, time: August 4, 3:20 - 3:32 p.m. CDT
Weather conditions: mostly sunny, 102 degrees

"We took a walk on the "edge of town" in an area where we have never been.   We looked at the map and chose to go east towards the edge of the city near the ship channel.   We settled on Greens Bayou Street which is a street that follows part of Greens Bayou.   Because there are two of us, we used two recorders to capture our observations and thoughts.  
We started walking east from the corner of Normandy Street and Greens Bayou Street with a time delay of 1 minute between Jack's and Mike's departures with Jack going first, followed by Mike after a time interval of one minute.   Jack stopped after about 10 minutes and awaited Mike's arrival.  
Using two recorders at the same time but in different locations creates a crude, real-time, spatial "phase shifting" effect. The sound begins in sync as we start in the same location. Then as Jack proceeds first, the sound goes out of sync creating a confusing cacophony of overlapping conversation. Finally, when Mike joins up with Jack, it resolves itself and comes back into sync." - The Art Guys


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The Art Guys explore a different side of Houston with experimental audio tour - William James Gerlich, CultureMap

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