Forever Yours


"Houston artists The Art Guys -- aka Michael Galbreth and Jack A. Massing -- are taking their provocative and outrageous art to a new extreme with "Forever Yours." - Jeanne Claire van Ryzin, Austin American Statesman

"'Forever Yours' wraps the subjects of death, art and money in a package even more shocking than Damien Hirst's work." - Lisa Gray, Houston Chronicle

"Forever Yours" includes the cremated ashes of The Art Guys which will be housed in life-sized bronze replica busts [see above], one for each of The Art Guys.  Included with the sale of this art work, are all studies, legal documents, the final drawing/contract and various artifacts.  While the collector will legally own the cremated remains of The Art Guys, these remains will not be made available until after the death of both Art Guys (date unknown).  However, all other artifacts associated with this art work, as listed in the Buyer's Agreement, immediately become available to the collector who acquires this work.

For the first time, in this unprecedented work of art, a collector may purchase an actual artist - The Art Guys.

Price: privce available upon request

To inquire about purchase, please contact The Art Guys.

pictured above: "Forever Yours" (2007-09) bronze busts with engraved brass plaques, digital archival print in gold frame

selected press and articles

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The Art Guys attempt to sell themselves- Lisa Gray believes "'Forever Yours' wraps the subjects of death, art and money in a package even more shocking than Damien Hirst's work." Find out why she thinks so by reading her article in The Houston Chronicle, January 27, 2008.
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Houston artists seek to auction their cremated remains - Jeanne Claire van Ryzin thinks "Forever Yours" takes The Art Guys' "provocative and outrageous art to a new extreme."
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Notsuoh: freedom with just a little supervision - Jack pitches "Forever Yours" to Kristin Finan of the Houston Chronicle. December 21, 2007

Forever Yours - the book

To illuminate the concepts surrounding Forever Yours, three scholars share their ideas about the project in their own unique way:

- University of Akron art historian Kevin Concannon places the piece in an art historical context;
– L.A.Times art critic David Pagel examines how it relates toa radically shifting contemporary culture;
– writer/philosopher Lawrence Weschler reveals the nuanced layers of Forever Yours through a personal dialog with The Art Guys.

The Art Guys risk everything with Forever Yours. This is the story of their "final (but not last)" piece.

download Forever Yours (PDF - 18MB)

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