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"Private Eyes: Barry of Dallas"


"Private Eyes: Barry of Dallas" is a traditionally painted portrait of Barry Whistler, noted gallery owner of Barry Whistler Gallery in Dallas, Texas. But there is more to this painting than meets the eye. Upon closer inspection, the viewer will notice something strange about the eyes - there are none! Instead, there are two holes where the pupils should be.The painting of Private Eyes: Barry of Dallas is mounted on a wall behind which is a not-so-secret darkened room wherein visitors may enter through a curtain that entices them to view “bizarre wonders.” Within this room and behind the painting, visitors may peer through two holes in the wall which are in fact the holes from the eyes of the painting. What will they see?
views of painting
painting installation
painting detail
painting detail
views of viewing room
entry to viewing room
viewing room interior
view of eye holes behind painting
view of eye holes behind painting
artifacts and plans
studies and artifacts
installation plan

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