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Absolut Vodka began commissioning artists to design their ads beginning with Andy Warhol in 1986. Since then, many artists have designed ads for Absolut Vodka including Keith Haring, Kenny Sharf, Ed Ruscha, Damien Hirst, Nam June Paik, Marizio Cattelan, Ross Bleckner and many more.

In 1998, the Art Guys were commissioned by Absolut Vodka to create a billboard. The billboard was located on Interstate 610 near Post Oak Boulevard in the Galleria section of Houston. That stretch of interstate is among the busiest in the country.

Study for Absolut Art Guys Billboard

The Art Guys proposed an ambitious project based on their project 1000 Coats of Paint. Averaging between 3-4 coats a day over a nine month period, 1000 coats of paint were applied onto the letters and bottle of the billboard.


Bernard Brunon of That's Painting Productions paints the Absolut Art Guys Billboard

The painting of the billboard was accomplished by conceptual artist Bernard Brunon and his company "That's Painting Productions."


The Absolut Art Guys billboard was one of the most successful ad campaigns by Absolut Vodka with measurable sales increases in the Houston area. The project was covered in all media including newspapers, radio and TV and often caused traffic jams with drivers slowing down to view the billbaord and the activities around it. The project was subsequently recreated in Miami and Los Angeles.

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